1. Chauffeur Drive

Travel features

Advantage introduction

At present, many high-quality enterprises in China have adopted long-term rent instead of buying a car and hiring a driver. The reasons are as follows:
1. Economy: Car rental costs are much lower than the sum of the cost of buying a car, vehicle maintenance and repair, brand taxation, insurance costs, fuel and driving salaries, benefits, pensions, and various vehicle management.
2. Convenience: Free management, streamline corporate manpower and improve efficiency. Such as vehicle management (such as car sales, maintenance, scheduling management, cooking, etc.). Such as driver management (such as appointment and dismissal Nuclear, leave for work, service arrangements, 'service behavior, etc.'. Such as fee management (such as the application of various people, car fees, audit, issuance, cashier, etc.).
3. Safety: Exemption from various changes and uncontrollable risk exposure and transfer of accident risk liability.
4. Tax-saving: If the enterprise, its car rental invoice can be deducted on a monthly basis and all can be used to deduct 25% of the annual profit-making business income tax (the car is depreciated by the car price of up to 1.5 million yuan in six years).

Driving level 1. The company's driving experience is strictly assessed and trained, and has many years of professional driving experience.
2. The company's driving is neat and tidy, and the attitude is cordial. It is forbidden to smoke in the car.
3. The company will check the location and route according to the customer's needs before driving, and ensure the smooth flow of the trip.
4. The company's driving is in accordance with the location and time of the car, on time to start the car and pay attention to driving safety and comfort.
5. The company's driving will check the seat of the whole vehicle after each delivery service is completed. If there are any items left by the passengers, the unit will be notified.
Vehicle level 1. The vehicles provided by the company are all dust-free, with no paper dust or debris inside, and keep the car clean and tidy.
2. The vehicles provided by the company will do the maintenance of the parts daily to ensure the safety and comfort of the vehicles.