1. Short-term Rental
  One-way fee: The car is returned to another branch, rather than the one where you pick up the car.
  Fuel usage: The fuel level should be the same as you return the vehicle. If the fuel level is lesser than when you pick up the car, you’ll need to replenish the fuel or pay for the usage of fuel.
  Accessory rental fees: GPS NTD100 per rental period. Driving recorder NTD50 per rental period. The first carseat is free and NTD200 per seat for the second car seat or above. (Must be requested at the time of making reservation) .
  Overtime charge: The return time must be within the business hours. Late return surcharge is 10% of daily rental fee; 1 day rental fee will apply if the renter returns the vehicle 6 hours or more later than agreement time.
  Overtravel fee: Maximum 400km per day (150km for one-day rental plan and 2500km per month for monthly rental plan). 2 dollars will b e charged for each additional kilometer. Imported vehicle will be charged 3 dollars for each additional kilometer.
  Car damage costs: PONY provides NTD10000/NTD20000 deductible vehicle damage insurance (does not cover natural disaster or unknown car damage). In order to file the claim for insurance, the renter needs to receive traffic report from the police officer. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected and the renter will need to pay for the total costs. If the car is damaged and could not be repaired, the renter will need to pay 10% of the used car value.
Operating loss: According to the article 6, if the vehicle is damaged and needs to be repaired by the automobile repair shop for more than 1 day, the operating loss will be added according to the maintenance days. (Based on the daily rental fee, 30% off for within 10 days, 40% off for within 15 days, 50% off for within 20 days. The maximum operating loss is 20 days).
National highway tolls: All the vehicles have been equipped with “E-TAG”. If you travel through the highway during the rental period, you will need to pay the tolls while returning the vehicle. (The toll is an advance payment, you’ll need to pay by cash when you return the vehicle).
  ​To ensure others’ rights, renters are prohibited to bring pets to the vehicle, there will be a NT$3000 penalty for violating the rules.