1. Documents and Booking Methods

Car rental documents and reservation methods


limitation factor
The tenant must be at least 20 years old and hold a "effective car driver's license" for more than one year.
Some premium vehicles must be at least 25 years of age and are eligible for payment above Platinum Credit Card.


Tenant must have documents

  1. Taiwanese: driver's license and national identity card.
    Foreign nationals: valid IDP international driver's license ※, driver's license, passport, AE/VISA/MASTER/JCB credit card, visa or residence permit or immigration certificate.
    Mainland Hong Kong and Macao people: valid Hong Kong driver's license or IDP international driver's license, driver's license, mainland passport, AE/VISA/MASTER/JCB credit card, admission card, passport.
    At present, the mainland and Taiwan are not reciprocal countries, so the mainland's international driver's license and translations (such as KIDA, KIDL, IDL) are not applicable in Taiwan, but the "Hong Kong driver's license" is applicable.